We always work together, as a wedding is complex and full of emotions it’s important to have two photographers not just to produce good results … but to guarantee a complete vision, no lost moments, having double viewpoints and number of shoots during the day.
The day of the wedding we are very discrete it’s your day, where you can totally be yourselves… we want to tell your story, to capture all the aspects of your amazing day in a spontaneous and natural way
It’s our duty to grant your every photographic wish, if you’d like a specific photo with a special guest, just let us know.
All our photos are taken manually, in this way we can choose the exact effect wanted, how to bring out the very best of the subjects or the surroundings creating spontaneous and artistically beautiful photos.
Work schedule. Bar other indications we will be with you all day, from the preparations to the end of the event, without extra costs or hour limitations , even if this means exceeding 12 hours.
Photo processing. Each photo given will be post produced individually. After choosing the most beautiful photos from the thousands taken, we post produce each picture regarding light, colour, contrast, cuts etc. in order to bring out the natural beauty of the photo, to make it worthy of being on the cover of a magazine
In the following picture, by scrolling the curser you can see the difference between a freshly taken photo and one that has been post produced by us.

What’s more all photos can be post produced either in colour or black and white

Delivery time. Within a few days of the wedding if you wish, we we can give a sneek peak of the event on facebook or Instagram. The finished product will be consigned to a password protected online gallery within three months, working days from the day of the
What will be given. We will consign a minimum of 450 photos each post produced in full resolution whether in colour or black and white, without watermark, therefore having complete freedom of use, both on Dvd and online with password.

Equipment. We use professional Nikon equipment, utilizing top of the range camera bodies and lenses to obtain the crisp clarity and quality desired. As a precaution all images are stored simultaneously on two different memory cards… and just for good  measure we have high level backup equipment.
Weather. Rain or other unfavorable atmospheric conditions are not a problem, on the contrary, with your cooperation, we can create images even more unique.

It’s difficult to give a price in general as every wedding is unique and so too are the clients wishes and needs. For this reason, after seeing our work and deciding we’re the ones for you, contact us directly to talk about the details.

Where we work. Wherever’s necessary to fulfill your needs! There will only be the added cost of travel expenses, that is petrol, tolls and overnight accommodation if we should need to travel more than 100 km from our base.
When to book. In order to guarantee your date, the sooner the better…. From personal experience for the months of May, June and September we suggest at least one year beforehand.
How to make a reservation . You can contact us by email or call directly, you’ll find the number in “Contacts” to set an appointment in our studio, in order to meet you and understand what you would like, this way we can give you a
personalized estimate, on the basis of your personal requirements.
If you choose us you will be given a contract, that certifies and guarantees all your choices.
Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Miriam &  Elena